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PamPinay brand shines at London Fashion Week 2023

By Crystal Dias 

London- Though it was a long wait, the sold-out event was a roaring success for PamPinay. On 18th February 2023, PamPinay showcased its ultra-modern and inventive collection at the House of Ikons Fashion Week London, which was held at the Leonardo Royal Hotel St Paul’s in London.  Pampinay paid a special homage to Vivienne Westwood at the finale with their special creation called “Angel Pinay Punk” with Westwood’s face printed on the long flowing black skirt. The brand received enthusiastic applause and standing ovation from the crowd.  

PamPinay was founded by two Filipina artists living in Europe. Pamela Gotangco is a visual artist based in Aargau, Switzerland, and Christian Belaro is a digital designer based in London United Kingdom.  

PamPinay is a collection of high-quality, limited edition wearable art that showcases one hundred per cent Filipino-made crafts aimed to promote social entrepreneurship, sustainability, and responsible branding through the playful illustration of Filipino culture, heritage, and traits in the pop art genre.  The brand was conceptualised and created during the height of the Covid-19 global pandemic in early 2021.

PamPinay products are 100% made in the Philippines for the world. The pieces are created individually by seamstresses in their homes. This approach is the foundation of starting the project: to provide women in the Philippines who lost their jobs during the pandemic a way to earn a living while being safe in their own houses.

The materials used for the collection included natural fabrics and weaving from the various indigenous tribes in the Philippines.  

Pampinay is already making waves in Switzerland, Philippines, USA and now the UK.  

The first time I met the creators of Pampinay was a few years ago. Pam and Christian are both truly exceptional talents who work well together.  I had previously purchased some of their creations and even started promoting their work to my friends and family.  When Pampinay asked me if I would like to sponsor them for the event, I did not hesitate.    Christian and Pamela received huge support from family and friends who came from different parts of the world to see the launch, and it was quite apparent that they were both loved and admired by many, including me. 

Pampinay will be back in London on Saturday 17th June 2023 in partnership with the Filipino Women’s Association-UK to celebrate 135th year of Philippine National Day and 35 years of the Association.  For details, see FWA-UK.com. 

For more about PamPinay, check pampinay.com