Juan Eu Konek

Mission and Vision

Our ultimate goal

Is to promote integration

and social cohesion amongst the Filipino community in the UK, Europe and beyond through storytelling. The Filipino overseas community takes pride in our contributions to the societies in the countries we now call our second homes, whilst acknowledging the challenges we face as a community, especially being so far from our families and loved ones back in the Philippines and having to adapt to a different way of life from what we were used to growing up in our native land.  

Our ultimate goal

This can only be achieved if the community works together

As everyone has different skills and talents to bring to the table but for our part, we believe we can play a major part in this by aiming to inform, educate, inspire, recognise and entertain the Filipino community through the power of story-telling and sharing of experiences via our digital programme, Juan Eu Konek.

“Juan” is a common Filipino name, “Eu” (read as you) refers to Europe and “Konek” is the colloquial spelling of the English word “connect” and refers to our programme’s ability to connect members of our community to each other, without the limitations of geographical boundaries.

We are taking on the role of public servant to the Filipino-British community and aside from providing them with inspiring and informative content, we are also giving them an outlet to voice their insights and a chance to reach out to us and engage with us, creating a more vibrant and interactive community where everyone is able to support each other.