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A showcase of Philippines in Gloucester

A showcase of Philippines in Gloucester

By Crystal Dias

On Sunday 14 May 2023, Kings Square in Gloucester City Centre, UK, was the place to be for anyone interested in experiencing the vibrant culture of the Philippines. The event was organised by the Filipino Association Gloucestershire, headed by Cllr Raymond Padilla, and featured an array of exciting performances and delicious Filipino food. Viva Andrada O’Flynn and the other behind-the-scenes officers exerted great effort to guarantee the event’s seamless execution and provide excellent care to sponsors and donors.

The emcee for the day was Karlo Babeiro, who kept the energy high and the crowd engaged throughout the event. The performers included The Soulama8s, Mervic Vicky Monocillo, Rockabilly Babes, Nikki Dunham, Madel Nicholas, Beverlyn Hobday, Inna Palana, Mike Castillo, Lloyd Baptista, Mary Ann and Al Sanchez, Benguet Dance Troupe, Eskrima/Arnis/Kali by Hybrid FMA (Filipino Martial Arts), Ruhiya, Rex Portillano, Ela Hidalgo and Jeffrey Hidalgo, who came from the Philippines. Each performance showcased the rich and diverse culture of the Philippines, ranging from traditional dances and music to modern pop and rock music.

The event was attended by around 2,000 people, including Richard Graham MP, who spoke in Tagalog to show his appreciation for the Filipino community in Gloucestershire. The event also had the support of Gloucester Mayor Howard Hyman and Sheriff Joanne Brown, who were both in attendance and met the representatives from the Philippine Embassy in London. The presence of the embassy highlighted the strong ties between the UK and the Philippines, and the event was a great way to celebrate these cultural connections.

One of the highlights of the event was the delicious Filipino food that was on offer, including the popular dessert halo-halo (mix mix), which was the perfect treat for the sunny weather. Filipino cuisine is known for its bold flavours and unique combinations, and the food on offer did not disappoint. 

The event was a wonderful celebration of Filipino culture and a great opportunity for the community to come together and share their traditions with the wider public. It was a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Filipino Association Gloucestershire and a reminder of the richness and diversity of cultures that exist in our local communities.   

If you missed this year’s event, be sure to mark your calendar for next year’s celebration!

Getting ready for the National Costume procession

On stage  are Philippine Embassy  and local council representatives

with Cllr Raymond Padilla (in Blue Barong Tagalog) 

Filipinas dancing in colourful Filipino national costume

Delicious Filipino food on offer

Mango cake, Ube cake, Mocha cake at iba pa!

MP for Gloucester Richard Graham

Performance by Jeffrey Hidalgo

Mervic Vicky Monocillo wowed the audience with her rendition of “Nosi Ba Lasi (Sino Ba Sila?”)

Attendees enjoying the festival